Attracting Women is Easy

Published: 21st March 2012
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This is the best Dating Advice For Men you will ever read.

ONE: Assume she is highly attracted to you & act exactly how you might act if you positively knew that she is already attracted to you.

Alpha Men never fail to ASSUME YES.

Simply lead, just move forward, just proceed as if events really are the way you want them to be. In your interactions around women, act as if you're already really close friends. Talk to them as if a solid rapport between you already exists. You Must Assume rapport.

This really is the most attractive attribute you can develop. If you are bashful, fake it until you make it, begin talking to everyone as though you know they already favor you, as if you have known them for a long time. Just Assume rapport.

Your world will comply with the belief structure in your mind. Take the state of mind that the outside world lives in your reality. I watched some gentleman on television talking about this the other week. He defined it as controlling the set. That is a good description.

A better method of describing it would be that the Alpha Male has the strongest belief system. People (women) will follow the person aided by the strongest mindset belief system. None of us wants the stress of leadership. No one wants to assume the mantle of responsibility. Generally people really like to be told what to do, and also precisely what to believe. Life is simply a great deal easier that way.

Take advantage of this. Tell people (through your own actions) to believe you are the absolute most attractive guy on the plant. You do this by acting as if you know without having a doubt that eye-catching women tend to be attracted to you.
Act this way . Present this image to the world…and it Surely Will conform to your beliefs. I’m certainly not saying to go about telling women how amazing you are. Absolutely nothing is more unattractive than boasting. Boasting is approval-seeking. At all times, at any cost, avoid any form of approval seeking. As an attractive guy, you do not look for anybody's approval. You are an Alpha Male. Everyone is your equal.

Never brag. Never voice any of this material that I'm showing you. IT IS A MENTALITY. IT IS Your ATTITUDE.
Girls are not literal beings. Females communicate implicitly. Girls tend to be really intuitive. THEREFORE, Simply believe these things about yourself. Hang on to to them so strongly in your own brain that nothing on earth can convince you otherwise. And they will get the idea loud and clear. Here's a self-confidence story I observed the other evening.

Last week I drove to the gym and there was a new young lady at the reception work desk. She was breathtaking. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, and bronze skin that made her azure eyes sparkle. She was wearing red shorts and her slim legs were fantastic.

Recently I would have been terrified to even look her in the eye, let alone talk to the woman. This was a proper 10+ Girl. The kind of woman, most dudes will not even bother speaking to because she is just too sexy. The dude who checked in prior to me didn’t have his subscription card so she asked for his phone number instead.

When my turn came up, I could have just handed her my gym membership and went on my way hoping one day I could get together with a lady like that. But do not forget that I produce my own reality. In my reality, this girl is magnetized to me and I need to act keeping that in mind.

What would you do if you found this girl and you knew with no a doubt that she wished to give you her phone number?
On the other hand…perhaps she has a boyfriend. Maybe she isn’t attracted to me. Possibly I’ll request her phone number and she’ll freak out and laugh at me and it will be the end of my fragile young world.

Why should I care about any of that? What’s so big about this girl? She works at a freaking fitness center for goodness sake. Stop sabotaging yourself with this style of loser-speak!

I walked up to her, looked her in the eyes, passed her my membership card, and said, “Let me guess…you are interested in my phone number too.” That got her attention. She gazed at me and couldn’t tell whether I was kidding around or not. (You need to always be looking for ways to playfully tease girls).

I said, “Look, I’ll tell you what…why don’t you start by giving me your name first, then perhaps I’ll give you my number.”
Now she was smiling (get her smiling as soon as possible). She told me her name and we established a little chitchat. Then I said, “Look here kiddo I’ve got to get to my workout, but tell me your number and we’ll talk again soon.”

While I’m saying this I’m also pulling out my cell phone and preparing to enter her number (here is what I mean by assume yes and just lead).

The moment you lead, women just get caught up in the moment and brought along for the journey. I don’t know what she was thinking of. It's possible that she wanted to give me her number, might be she didn’t. But what she observed was me grabbing my cell phone and planning to input her number in. It was a fun little river flowing along. It was really a tide drawing her. So she ultimately adhered to my lead and gave me her number.

This is just what I mean by acting as if events are absolutely the way you wish them to be. I could practically author an entire rule book on self-confidence (and I have). And if you learned self confidence and not a thing else, you would capture the fancy of women like you have always wanted to.

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